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Our Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes your child may refuse to attend a scheduled appointment. In this case, we recommend the following options:

  1. Parent/s or caregivers attend the consult at our clinic or a 'walk and talk'/'chat and chew' at a local cafe.

  2. The appointment becomes a telehealth with/without child.

  3. The appointment becomes a phone consult/facetime with parent/s, caregivers, and child (if willing).


To avoid attracting a same day cancellation fee of $200, please provide notice of your cancellation within two working days. Please note that SRC is not open on Sunday and Monday.

Our SMS reminder service is a courtesy reminder and should not be relied upon when determining your need for a cancellation or reschedule of appointment. 

* Please note: Medicare and Health I
nsurance rebates are not applicable to cancellation fees.

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