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🐾Max the therapy dog🐾

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Helping students return to school

Taking the first step towards seeking help for school refusal can be challenging. To ease this process, we invite you to meet Max, our accredited Therapy Dog, trained to provide emotional and psychological support during your child's therapy sessions.

Meet Max: Our Accredited Therapy Dog

Why a Therapy Dog?

Therapy dogs like Max serve a unique purpose in providing emotional support and comfort. They differ from Service Dogs, which are trained to fulfill specific medical needs.  

Max is a trained member of our pet therapy team, accredited to engage in emotional support roles within clinical and educational settings.

As per our accrediting body, "Pet therapy is one of the most effective 'medicines'," serving as a natural, non-judgmental facilitator of emotional well-being.

Max's Role and Training

Max has been accredited through a specialised Therapy Dog training program, which certifies him to be a part of a variety of emotional support environments, including clinics, schools, and group settings.


Providing a Safe Environment

For your peace of mind, Max undergoes regular health check-ups to ensure he meets all hygiene standards.


What to Expect in Initial and Ongoing Sessions

The First Step with Max

During the first session with Max, Max excels at building an instant rapport with your child, offering comfort, pats, and simple tricks. Max's presence works as a buffer, allowing children to ease into the therapeutic process.


Walk & Talk (W&T) Sessions

Our follow-up sessions may include outdoor activities where Max engages with your child, supporting therapeutic activities like drone chasing, RC car racing. Max's presence ensures supports positive dialogue and rapport whether we are engaged in an supervised activity or simply walking and talking. 

School Visits

In school settings, Max supports us during the process of creating tailored 'Return to School Plans'. These school meetings are typically between us acting as a liaison between parents and the school. Often with your child's teacher, principal and well-being counsellor in attendance. 

Group Sessions

Max plays an integral role in our group therapy sessions and school holiday programs. These sessions are designed to bolster social skills and instill confidence in a nurturing and enjoyable setting. With Max's calming presence, children are naturally encouraged, experiencing enhanced self-esteem and improved group social interaction



Social Media

Stay updated with Max, by following him on social media.

Max's Instagram Link

Ready to Meet Max?


Contact Us to Schedule Your First Session

Schedule your first session today and embark on a comforting journey towards a return to school, encouraged by our little Mascot.


Call 1300-299-000  and we can elaborate on Max's training and role, in addition to addressing any questions or concerns you might have about incorporating a therapy dog into your child’s therapeutic process.


Max offering his supportive presence

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