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Our Services

School Refusal Clinic provides specialised support to young people of all backgrounds, abilities, and ages who are experiencing school attendance difficulties. We use a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to work with students, parents, and schools to develop individualised return-to-school plans that resolve underlying issues preventing young people from engaging in their learning. 

Our clinic has a unique model of practice where we believe that the best treatment outcomes arise when students are engaged and having fun in each session. That's why we provide many of our consultations outside and with the help of our therapy dog Max. We have found this approach to benefit students with school attendance difficulties, those resisting traditional treatment options, and for our neurodiverse students for whom therapy has not worked in the past.  


Our practice incorporates outdoor exposure 'Walk and Talk' therapy, with animal-assisted therapy, child-focused parent support, individual and personal training, student coaching and homework support, and social skills groups. We also offer a variety of professional development training for schools, and secondary consultations for education specialists, allied health practitioners, medical professionals and more!

Our approach includes:  

  • An initial 90-minute assessment session for parent/s and child to attend at the clinic.

  • Walk and Talk outdoor exposure therapy sessions with our therapy dog Max. 

  • Child-focused parent support. 

  • Return to school planning meetings onsite with parent/s, your child, and key staff.  

  • Social skill development groups during the school holidays to build social confidence and resilience. 

  • Personal training individually or in groups to build physical strength and resilience.

  • Student coaching sessions to develop a targeted, goal focused strategic plan.​

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