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John Chellew and Max the Therapy Dog

With over 20 years' experience as a Mental Health Social Worker, a Bachelor of Social Work and a Postgraduate Diploma in Family Therapy, John has built a reputation for being the go-to counsellor for youth and adolescent social, behavioural and mental health issues where they are affecting school attendance or the school experience.

John's clinical focus on school related difficulties reflects his awareness of the growing need for (and under-supply of) evidence-based school refusal therapy. (School Refusal counselling,Walk and Talk therapy, Pet-Assisted therapy, Child focussed parent support Occupational therapy, Graduated exposure therapy, Exercise based therapy, Social skills groups, Advocacy and Liaison support)

With support from his colleagues Sally and Kerry, John also trains and supports school welfare teams and mental health professionals to improve the application and outcomes of school refusal therapies. (Professional Development)

As an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker with the Australian Association of Social Workers, John is eligible for registration with the Victorian Association of Family Therapy and committed to the ethical standards of these Associations to ensure the highest standard of confidentiality and professional practice is maintained.

Max the therapy dog
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