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Kerry Milligan

With over 40 years of experience teaching in all sectors of Victorian education (primary & Secondary) and 25 of those in the Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatient Unit of Monash Children’s Hospital, Kerry is an incredible asset to the School Refusal team.

In our "Fit for School" program, Kerry helps children have positive experiences in a simulated school environment, with the aim of reducing stress and anxiety. She supports students in developing essential skills to manage themselves in real-life school situations.

The program focuses on acclimatising children to structured, teacher-led environments, teaching them to follow instructions, and enabling them to work both independently and in groups. Most importantly, Kerry ensures that students enjoy their experience under the supportive guidance of the "Fit for School" team.

Kerry also leads our Homework Support service, where she empowers children to excel in their schoolwork independently. Drawing on her wealth of experience, she offers valuable guidance to help students better understand and complete their assignments. To learn more about this service and how it can benefit your child, visit our Homework Support page.

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