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"We understand that experiencing your child's resistance to school can be challenging. We're here to help. Our clinic is committed to school refusal, and we offer compassionate support and targeted strategies to help your family."


We can support you with:

School Refusal Counselling

(at the St Kilda Clinic)

Exercise Based Therapy

(Personal & Group)

Professional Development

(Speaking & Training)

Outdoor Counselling

(Walk & Talk)

(Counselling via Video Call)

Social Skills Groups

(For Neurodiverse children)

Home & School Visits


Parent Support

Holiday Programs

('Fit for School')

Practical evidence-based therapy.

Google review for School Refusal Clinic
Google reveiw for School Refusal Clinic
Google review for School Refusal Clinic
Google review for School Refusal Clinic

The phenomenon of School Refusal in Australia

Thousands of Aussie families grapple with School Refusal in silence every day. We aim to shed light on this issue and the support available

Recent TV & Radio Interviews

60 Minutes Interview 27th of November

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The Project 10Play February 20, 2023


ABC 7.30 February 2, 2023


7 News Jan 31, 2023


3AW 'Mornings with Niel Mitchel', Jan 30, 2023

New Services Spotlight:

Shining a spotlight on some of our newest services

Our social skills groups offer a safe and welcoming space for neurodiverse children to improve their socialisation and self-esteem. Led by experienced facilitators, our program focuses on developing practical skills and strategies to navigate social situations and foster meaningful connections with peers.

Purple Podiums

Guiding parents to understand, support, and address their child's school refusal through tailored strategies.

Trendy Neon Background

Supportive, structured method for gently confronting and managing school-related anxieties.

Gradient Purple Red

Structured, physical exercise approach to enhance mood, reduce fear, and facilitate school readiness

White Structure

Discover how our Advocacy & School Liaison service can align your child's therapeutic needs with school policies, a strategic approach to tackle school refusal

Meet our therapy dog Max!

A Tail-Wagging Source of Comfort and Confidence for Children 
John Chellew, Director of the School Refusal Clinic and Max the therapy dog
"Max has been a game changer for our therapy sessions. He helps children feel more at ease and receptive to therapy, which assists us to make real progress"

John Chellew, Director of the School Refusal Clinic on the benefits of introducing Pet-Assisted Therapy to the clinic.

School refusal is a behavioral disorder in which a child or adolescent experiences significant anxiety about attending school and may refuse to go to school or stay in school.


School refusal can be caused by a variety of factors, including anxiety, depression, separation anxiety, and bullying. It can have a significant impact on a child's academic, social, and emotional development.

If you are concerned that your child may be experiencing school refusal, we are here to help. We can provide you with support to help your child get back to school.

Quick Links

The School Refusal Clinic at 20 Mitford St St Kilda

Providing an evidence-based and systemic approach to counselling

Resources on school refusal for parents and professionalsparents

Useful resources, pamphlets, Articles and fact sheets.

The School Refusal Clinic team

Our experienced clinic
and support Staff

School Refusal Clinic location | St Kilda Victoria

Getting to the clinic 

(Easy parking at the rear)

School Refusal Clinic services

 evidence-based counselling and therapy solutions

Learn about NDIS and Medicare funding for school refusal

Learn about NDIS and Medicare funding options and read our service policies.

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