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We specialise in assisting young people from PrepYear 12, who are experiencing anxiety-based school avoidance and refusal.

Our unique approach offers outdoor ‘walk and talk’ and dog assisted therapy. Sessions are designed to be fun, engaging and tailored to the personal interests of each young person. Sessions are offered around St Kilda including, the Botanical Gardens, St Kilda foreshore, the local park and in the clinic.

The Phenomenon of School Refusal in Australia

Thousands of Aussie families grapple with School Refusal in silence every day. 

School refusal is a behavioural disorder in which a child or adolescent

experiences significant anxiety about attending school and may refuse

to go to school or stay in school.


School refusal can be caused by a variety of factors, including anxiety, depression,

separation anxiety, and bullying. It can have a significant impact on a child's

academic, social, and emotional development.

If you are concerned that your child may be experiencing school refusal, we

are here to help. We can provide you with support to help your
child get back to school.

How we can support you

School Refusal Counselling

At the St Kilda Clinic

Exercise Based Therapy

In Groups

Outdoor Counselling

"Walk & Talk"

Counselling via Video Calls

School Liason


Parent Support

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Meet our therapy dog Max!

A Tail-Wagging Source of Comfort and Confidence for Children 
IMG_5571 2.HEIC

"Max has been a game changer for our therapy sessions. He helps children feel more at ease and receptive to therapy, which assists us to make real progress"

John Chellew, Director of the School Refusal Clinic


Google review for School Refusal Clinic
Google reveiw for School Refusal Clinic
Google review for School Refusal Clinic
Google review for School Refusal Clinic

Recent TV & Radio Interviews

60 Minutes Interview - 27th November, 2023

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       ABC 7.30 Report February 2nd, 2023


    7 News January 31st, 2023

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The School Refusal Clinic at 20 Mitford St St Kilda

Providing an evidence-based and systemic approach to counselling.

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Useful resources, pamphlets, Articles and fact sheets.

The School Refusal Clinic team

The Team

Our experienced clinic
and support Staff

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Getting to the clinic 

(Easy parking at the rear)

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 Evidence-based counselling
and therapy solutions

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Learn about NDIS and Medicare funding options and read our service policies.

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