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Jake, 7yo
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Angela, 14yo
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Jake had butterflies in his belly before school. But after 3 sessions, he learned a new way to understand and manage his feelings. He's back at school and has become very good at 'catching' and talking about his butterflies with Mum.

Angela 'always' felt anxious at school and prefers to stay at home. After a few sessions, and a friendly chat with the school. Angela has a 'Back To School Plan' and some tricks up her sleeve to manage her negative self-talk and panic attacks.

Jacob, 16yo
Barbara, mother of 7yo
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Jacob is often very tired before school, he plays computer games until late at night and isolates himself in class. With a shiny new alarm clock, social-skills training and some fair bed time boundaries, Jacob is less tired and has found a new friend who also likes video-games.

To watch my little boy rapidly go from a happy bright little boy to a traumatised 7 year old white knuckled with the fear of having to go to school was devastating. John treated him with respect so he understood why the sessions were needed and how they would benefit him and he really learnt how to cope with the butterflies when they swell up in his tummy.  He now has his confidence back and more. Thank you for taking it seriously and acting quickly before it got too out of control. He has really started to enjoy school again.

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