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As the name of our clinic suggests, our goal is to first understand and then address your child’s school related issues, particularly where they are affecting school attendance. Consistent school attendance is a key predictor of both short term and long term success across many domains in life. We truly believe that our evidence-based systemic approach to counselling is the key to our effective results with school related issues.


We work hard to help children who are struggling with mental health difficulties such as anxiety, depression and separation anxiety. We also seek to assist with any underlying social, emotional or behavioural issues. We consider each child’s developmental, social and educational stage before selecting an appropriate evidence-based approach.


Therapies we practice include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Graduated Exposure Therapy, Pet Assisted Therapy, Exercise Therapy, Play Therapy and Group Therapy. We appreciate that effective treatment commences with the development of a strong therapeutic relationship.​ We look forward to helping you as best we can.

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